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The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority (the Authority) was established on 1 December 2020 to deliver better protection and management of the iconic coast and parks of the Great Ocean Road.

We exist to care for, protect and manage the coast and parks traversed by the Great Ocean Road so that they can be enjoyed by all, now and for generations to come.

Our role includes:

  • Guiding sustainable tourism, supporting local employment, and enhancing the visitor experience
  • Strengthening the protection of land and seascapes from the impacts of climate change
  • Improving economic development for a prosperous and livable region.

We’re committed to building strong relationships with our Traditional Owners, communities and stakeholders in the delivery of our work, with a shared commitment to the vision for one integrated model of governance and land and marine management for the entirety of the Great Ocean Road region. 

To find out more about the creation of the Authority and our role, vision, values and principles click here.


We know that we won’t be able to deliver on our vision of the Great Ocean Road region thriving as one integrated living entity without a genuine relationship with the communities that we serve.

Community consultation and participation plays an essential and effective role in the protection, improvement and promotion of the Great Ocean Road coast and parks, and our draft community engagement commitment and framework outlines how we will bring this to life.

As part of our commitment, we will ensure that our communities have the knowledge and the opportunities necessary to participate fully in the future of our Great Ocean Road.

To ensure that our Community Engagement Framework consistently aligns with our values and principles, we have highlighted five core elements of engagement. These elements are each designed to meet a specific purpose, as well as integrate into a broader structure for reaching our vision.

Our five core elements of engagement are:

  1. To strengthen capacity and enable strategic leadership
  2. To increase community participation and build collective knowledge
  3. To connect with and learn from our communities and knowledge holders
  4. To be transparent and keep our communities informed
  5. To receive and respond to feedback from our communities.

As you will see in our draft framework, each purpose corresponds with our community commitment and outlines potential associated forums and channels, including community leadership groups, open deliberative forums, place-based engagement and social and traditional media.

For the purposes of this framework, communities includes, but is not limited to, the Wadawurrung and Eastern Maar peoples, as Traditional Owners, residents of the Great Ocean Road region, visitors to the Great Ocean Road region, advocacy organisations and local, state and national government departments and agencies.

View Draft Community Engagement Commitment and Framework

View the recording of our community webinar for the Draft Community Engagement Framework below:


Our Draft Community Engagement Commitment and Framework has been informed by several key pieces of work, legislation and consultation to date, including:

  • Great Ocean Road Action Plan recommendations and actions
  • Great Ocean Road and Environs Protection Act 2020
  • Great Ocean Road and Environs Protection Amendment Bill 2021
  • Minister’s Statement of Expectation
  • Great Ocean Road Taskforce Community Views Reports from 2018 –2020
  • Board, staff, community group and stakeholder meetings and workshops
  • Best practice community engagement frameworks and models.

In addition, the Authority Board, internal staff, key stakeholders and community groups have all provided significant guidance and feedback on what matters to them.


Mar– Apr 2018Consultation on governance of the Great Ocean Road
Oct 2018Consultation on Great Ocean Road Action Plan
May – Aug 2019Consultation on community aspirations for the Great Ocean Road region
Nov – Dec 2019Consultation on community involvement and funding options for the Authority
Dec 2020Creation of the Authority
Feb – Oct 2021Strategy brief developed, tender process conducted, consultant engaged
Oct – Dec 2021Desktop Review of 21 documents from 2015-2021
Oct 2021Workshop with Authority Board
Dec 2021Workshop with Authority staff
Workshop with external stakeholders (incl DELWP, 5 LGA’s, CMA’s, GORRT, DoT)
Stakeholder mapping completed
Jan 2022Meeting with Great Ocean Road Communities Network
Feb 2022Workshop with staff and consultants to consolidate key learnings
Mar 2022Workshop with Authority Chair and CEO
Draft framework developed


Engagement for the Draft Community Engagement Framework has now closed.

Thank you to all those that took the time to give us their feedback.


March 2018 – December 2019Community engagement on governance, aspirations, funding and community involvement for Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority
October – December 2021Desktop review and stakeholder mapping completed
November 2021 – March 2022Draft Community Engagement Commitment and Framework development
April – May 2022Community engagement on draft Community Engagement Commitment and Framework
May – August 2022Feedback analysed and Community Engagement Framework and Strategy finalised
August 2022Authority Board to adopt final Community Engagement Strategy
September 2022Final Strategy made available to public
September 2022, ongoingStrategy implementation